The Science of Prayer
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Written by Edie Weinstein-Moser   
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The Science of Prayer
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To help explain a number of inexplicable phenomena, including non-local events, some physicists postulate that a fifth form of energy exists, operating on different principles that the familiar gravity, electromagnetic energy, and strong and weak nuclear energy. Perhaps the life-force energy referred to by many medical and spiritual traditions throughout history represents this energy. Is this the energy referred to as Prana in India and Tibet, mana by the Polynesians, Yesad in the Jewish Kabalistic tradition, qi in oriental medicine, and the Christian Holy Spirit?  This energy is theorized to somehow connect the realm of mind with the realm of matter, allowing a prayerful intent to manifest in the physical world.

Using the Power of Prayer

Prayer websites, including Silent Unity, Integrative Spirituality, and Answers of Life offer their users an opportunity to place prayer requests for themselves or others, for free. Another option is to create a prayer list yourself. It is as simple as making it known to friends, family and co-workers that you are willing to place names and situations on an email list and send it out as often as you would like. I have been doing this for the past year and find it extremely rewarding, as I receive res ponses that in many cases, prayers have been answered in ways that those requesting them have asked.

Jim Carrey’s character in the movie “Bruce Almighty” comes to mind. Bruce is granted the assignment of being God for a period of time, since he wasn’t too keen on the job being done by the One holding the position. He is sitting at the computer, as requests come in fast and furious. In a moment of exasperation, he answers everyone’s prayers with an insistent YES! Imagine if each prayer is answered in the affirmative. In this case, chaos ensued. Often, prayer is as simple as placing focused attention on a particular person, event, or condition. One need not consider him/herself religious to use this dynamic energy.  

The film “What the Bleep Do We Know?” delves into the burgeoning science of quantum physics, explaining in graphic style just how creatively powerful our thoughts can be.

A Personal Journey into Prayer

Entering a life of prayer, meditation and service is a career choice that many are exercising. Prayer is portable and need not be confined to a house of worship. Many have been called to become clergy, as I was in 1998. What preceded that move is nothing short of miraculous.
In late 1998, my husband Michael was lying in an ICU bed in a Philadelphia, PA hospital awaiting a liver transplant to counteract the ravages of Hepatitis C. Literally within moments of disconnecting the life support system that had maintained his physical body for 5 ½ weeks, I heard a message that instructed me to “call the seminary and ask to finish what Michael started.”  At the time, he had been enrolled in The New Seminary, an interfaith body in New York City that ordains clergy. He had completed the first year of the two-year program.
 Within a few days, I heeded the ‘call’ and enrolled. Five and a half months later, I completed the work in what was meant to be a two year program of study. It included a broad overview of the world’s spiritual traditions, strong encouragement to immerse into life-long study via books and classes, and a manual for use in officiating at rituals and ceremonies. Reading the world’s primary religious texts, along with commentaries about them, was part of the curriculum.  On June 13, 1999, I walked down the aisle of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, reported to be the largest gothic cathedral in the Western Hemisphere, and was ordained with my classmates. Now, nearly seven years later, I have married close to 100 couples, offered baby blessings, conducted memorial services and other rite of passage rituals. The title ‘Reverend’ is something I endeavor to live, not simply a mantle to wear as ceremonial garb. 



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