Interview With Robert E. Hansen
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Written by Edie Weinstein-Moser   
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Interview With Robert E. Hansen
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Edie: Do they let you sleep?

Robert: Yeah, they do. It’s kind of a ripening process. Just because they are in Spirit, doesn’t mean they don’t have certain personalities. Some souls who were kind of selfishly driven people here, can have the same energy. It’s almost like they demand you.

Edie: What is it that makes certain people bond so powerfully where you meet someone and there is this instantaneous recognition; a heart and soul connection?

 Robert: There’s a term called ‘the communing process”, the gut level knowledge. In Japanese, they call it “haragei.” You have a true sense of each other at first meeting. Sometimes it happens romantically, like meeting your soulmate. More powerfully, it happens on a soul level, where people meet each other on the physical plane. No words are necessary. One of the workshops I do is called “The Returning to Silence”. It’s where you learn to listen quietly with each other. No words have to be spoken; it’s almost where a wisdom is shared.

 Edie: It ties in with the Celtic concept “anam cara” (soul friend).

 Robert: They are very similar.

 Edie: How can people begin to develop their abilities?  This is kind of a tease for the workshop.

 Robert: One of the things you have to be very careful about is ego involvement in the experience. People are drawn to the work from a gut level. They are almost pulled into it. It’s knowledge that something needs to be done. For some people the fascination with it is understandable. Some do it, because others do it.  People see John Edward do it and think it would be fun to do it. John didn’t ask for that gift, nor did I. It has a very great responsibility. Those who are drawn to the work know that it’s a process of evolution. It’s like peeling the layers off an onion. You can’t force the process. What you can do is become more sensitive to the levels as they unfold.

There’s a famous Zen story about a guy who wants to become enlightened and have the ultimate psychic experience and he goes to a famous Zen master. He says: “I understand you have this great gift and can help me with mine. I would like to begin studying.” The master accepts him. After a few months of meditation, the student says to the master: “How am I doing?”, and the master says: “Fine.”  He says, “I really want to get this gift out better. What if I was to meditate 8 hours a day?  How long would it take me to get enlightened?” And the master says: “Five years.”  He then says, “That will take too long. What if I were to meditate all day long, never sleep, never rest?”  Then the master says, “You’ll never get it.” The ego is what’s driving it, not in the naturalness of its own gift. A lot of times that happens with people who come to the workshops. When they come to the workshops to explore with an open heart and they say they would like to learn more about psychic evolution, they are a great guest to have. They are very open, spontaneous and natural. When you have people who almost demand that they become psychic, they become very disappointed in the process. They are trying to pull something out that is not ready to come out, or not intended to come out.


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