Interview With Robert E. Hansen
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Written by Edie Weinstein-Moser   
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Interview With Robert E. Hansen
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 2. Then there is what we call the message of presence. A soul will identify events that are very personal validation for family members after they died. So if someone close to you has crossed over and I am doing a reading tomorrow and they mention events that happened yesterday, often people will say, “My mom did die a year ago and she did have emphysema, but there’s no way she would know about my daughter’s birthday party yesterday.” Of course, I say, “Listen again. Your mother was telling me she was there, by the very description of what she tells me, the message of presence is given.” It has a subtext to it. Quite often when people pray to a loved one who has died, unfortunately, they will leave the prayer in Spirit, and not really sit around and listen to the response to the prayer. I really try to encourage people after they say their prayers, to go quiet and listen. Spirit is always talking after prayer; there’s a constant stream of information after prayer, always.

3. The third message is the message of preparation. They will tell their family members to live a morally focused life, a spiritually strong life so that when they cross over, they can connect. 

4. The fourth message is a message of reunion. They often want loved ones to know when it is their time to go, that Spirit will come across the veil to take them home. 

5. The fifth message is one of expansion, which is letting souls know what happens after you cross over, what happens on the other side.

Edie: Has that been a consistent theme as well?

Robert: Quite often they show me what goes on on the other side.

Quotation Quite often they show me what goes on on the other side. Quotation
George Anderson wrote a very interesting book called: “Lessons From The Light.” That has similar details to what I’ve experienced, where they’ll tell me what happens to suicide people, to children, to people who have been murdered or people who have committed murder and eventually died.

Edie: Has this changed your perception about death?

 Robert: Without a doubt. I’ve never had a fear of it or been preoccupied with it. I have had loss in my family. We grieve like anyone else. The one thing I am 100% sure about is that I can talk with them and I can experience them almost on a daily basis if I choose to, or if they choose to. Death is just part of the process, just a continuum. I surrender myself to that on a daily basis. In Japan, they call it ‘oigake’; the falling of a leaf; the falling or the death of something. The samurai warriors would ritualistically see themselves dying every day, so when they went into mortal combat, they wouldn’t hol d on to life, they would allow themselves to flow. In the movie The Last Samurai, there is a scene in which the Japanese master is in the cherry blossom garden, and he comments about how fragile the cherry blossoms are, and are the symbolic image of life and any moment, it just lets go from the tree. That’s what oigake is. You realize your soul will continue and your body will drop off at any moment. You have two responsibilities: to live each moment fully, and to not hold on to your life, because only God can control that. We have a responsibility to take care of our life and treat it preciously, but at the same time, we ask to please allow our life to be lived through us and just let it happen.

Edie: Do messages come through you spontaneously, or is there a message that you set?

Robert: There are times when I have been interrupted in readings, where a soul has pushed past and over-ridden my readings. I don’t allow for much of that like I use to. Now I almost argue with them. Back in the day when I was first coming in with the gift, I was mesmerized by it and would almost allow them to penetrate whenever they wanted. It would exhaust me, so now I ask if they could please wait until I’m ready to do the work. Sometimes they don’t listen and come through anyway.


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