Interview With Robert E. Hansen
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Written by Edie Weinstein-Moser   
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Interview With Robert E. Hansen
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I opened up and began channeling Spirit around the early part of the 1990's. Initially, it began with channeling a spirit guide that would give me advice and guidance to people I was doing readings for. A couple of years later, I was with a friend who is also a psychically inclined person. She said, “Robert, I’m being told that you have a tremendous gift as a medium.”  I said, “I don’t think so, Kim. I don’t feel that at all.”  What jumped into my mind is, that was how John Edward got started. He was told initially by a woman named Linda Claire that he was going to become this well known psychic. Initially he said, “No. Are you crazy?” and of course, that prediction came quite true. That’s really what happened to me. A friend said, “ I want you to do a reading for me in mediumship.”  And I said, “O.K.”  The next thing I knew, all these validations began. Little by little, small groups began to gather. I was nervous, not sure what to make of it all; I felt unworthy of it. I was encouraged to allow it to happen. My Zen master at that time said, “Let it come,” so I did. I did a lot of praying over it. I wasn’t sure how to react to it. Finally I said, “O.K., Spirit wants me to do this. There’s a reason why I’m being asked to do it.” I had been working with Special Ed children, the elderly, and people in need all my life. It was just a natural by-product. I was called to do the work with people in grief, with bereavement issues and loss. That took off and the next thing I knew, I was doing work at The Learning Annex, and then all over the place. I’ve never looked back, it’s been a journey ever since.

 Edie: How do the messages come through to you: voice, image, feeling?

 Robert: All three. It depends on the soul I’m responding with. Some souls are very clairaudient; they give a lot of sound, a lot of noise, do a lot names and dates. Others will respond clairvoyantly with a lot of pictures, visuals and imaging. Clairsentiently; a lot will give me emotional connections. It really depends. All three are very strong. I guess if you ask me to pick one; emotionally is what I connect to most powerfully. I get a very strong sense of emotional moments.

 Edie: Is there a general theme of the messages you receive?

Robert: Yeah, interesting you ask that. Whenever I do workshops with people who are mediums to help them evolve or work better or interpret what they see, I always ask the mediums, what the messages are they believe they are receiving.
It has been my experience that messages seem to be broken into five groups (numbered for convenience. HC.):

1. There’s what we call the arrival message. The soul always would like their loved ones to know that they are safe and received in Spirit, they’ve crossed over the veil without interruption. People who are families and who are connected to them, have received these. The person who has crossed will tell them who is around them.


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