Harmony Channel Seeks Visual Music Programming for Broadcast!

If you are a record company, or visual music artist, content distributor or aggregator, Harmony Channel is interested in considering your titles for broadcast on our global digital network. We also seek network ID elements created to our specifications. Please contact us for full submission details.

Basic Requirements

Harmony Channel welcomes unsolicited submissions of visual music content for broadcast on their global network provided that the submitted work is:

  1. Comprised of visual music – that is, a quality music track with associated visual elements that add to the mood of the music.

  2. Entirely original, or you have secured all necessary legal rights to the visual and musical assets used in your video (music buyout, model release, etc.) and can provide all necessary documentation.

  3. Accessible to the general public, has a positive focus and invokes positive moods.

  4. Honoring of our multi-cultural viewers, and is free of negative emotional triggers such as politics, religious dogma, violence, obscenity or profanity.

  5. We are a global network. You must be willing to provide us with liberal rights to showcase your content across a variety of platforms, including mobile video, cable television, Video On Demand, DVD compilations, etc. Please only submit material that you wish to expose to a wide audience to drive CD or DVD sales.

  6. Programming must be mastered in broadcast quality HD or SD video (DVD submissions are preferred initially for evaluation purposes – we will contact you for licensing and master transfer details if your content is accepted.)

  7. We prefer that your work showcases a published DVD or CD. We will sell these on our MoodZones Store retail website to help support us both. You need not license us the entire contents of your DVD – we seek several extended visual music trailers that showcase and help to sell your product on our website.

Harmony Programming

Harmony Channel is an experience-based, viewer-centered network designed to showcase and promote the growing visual music category with long-form programming collected into seven MoodZones based not on musical genre, but on how the music makes one feel. Moods include romantic (Love Zone), energizing (Energy Zone), playful (Play Zone), beautiful (Harmony Zone), artistic (Chill Zone), ambient (Dream Zone) and uplifting (Spirit Zone).

Harmony programming is approximately 80% instrumental music, and 20% positive lyrical or poetic content with strong musical accompaniment. Harmony programming must leave our multi-cultural viewer’s feeling positive and be free of negative emotional triggers such as politics, religious dogma, violence, obscenity and profanity. We also seek visuals that are beautiful, theatrical or compelling. Concert performances are generally not accepted unless the visuals are particularly compelling. We prefer programming that is viewer-centric, not artist-centric. Harmony is seeking a wide variety of genres, including classical, jazz, R&B, soul, adult contemporary, world beat, instrumental rock, new age, acoustica, electronica, downtempo/lounge, Latin dance, ambient, trip-hop, space music, spa music, meditation music, spiritual music from all cultures (no overt preaching or dogmatic lyrics please), techno/tribal/trance, drum & bass, etc. Select pop music will be accepted provided it invokes uplifting mood with positive lyrics. The network provides a venue for genres that otherwise find themselves out on the “long tail” of music that is currently underserved and underrepresented by television.

Value Proposition

Harmony’s business model is similar to FM radio, where content is showcased and used to drive CD sales. Harmony pays a small broadcast fee to cover content exchange, and showcases the piece across a variety of digital media including 9.2 million Comcast households under the Harmony Channel brand. The network intentionally uses the exposure to drive retail DVD, CD and related merchandise sales on our e-commerce website. This merchandising piece is a simple retail operation, allowing us to partner with record companies, content providers and distributors to mutually benefit from our ability to showcase and market content. We also have a periodic “featured artist” series introducing a selected visual or musical artist on our home page, with direct links to their related merchandise.

We prefer to license at least three showcase tracks from your commercially available DVD to showcase and promote the product. Other tracks on the DVD need not be accepted by Harmony, but should not contain material that is patently offensive. If accepted, the tracks will be rotated on Harmony Channel and used to drive sales of the DVD on the MoodZones.com e-commerce store. You will receive feedback from the network on how your video rates against other videos that are broadcast.

Because it is increasingly a digital world, we also seek to release titles on a compilation DVD, HD-DVD or BluRay DVD, provide digital downloads from our website, and stream through services such as mobile video to provide additional showcasing for our artists and labels. Our pledge is to be good stewards of our content library, working within the protection of walled gardens (such as Comcast.net) or appropriate digital rights technologies. Harmony Channel can be thought of as a global lifestyle “visual music” radio station with a broad horizontal reach cutting across a variety of digital platforms. Ancillary markets include hotels, airlines, cafés, and health spas. For each distribution medium that Harmony is able to open, we pledge a royalty rate that is in keeping with industry standards (or better). Should an acceptable rate not be negotiable, then there is no obligation to grant distribution for a new medium.

The Harmony license agreement is currently a two-year term and is renewable by Harmony every two years (for an additional fee), and can be cancelled on renewal anniversaries. We seek additional rights beyond broadcast allowing us to leverage the Harmony library and brand to provide additional revenue streams for publishers and artists. Allowing Harmony to fully represent your content across a variety of platforms worldwide is key to providing us with the collective power to overcome market entry barriers and create a powerful brand and venue for showcasing and distributing mood-elevating visual music.

Submission Guidelines

Sample programming should ideally be submitted as DVDs for review by the Harmony Creative Evaluation Circle. Titles are screened, then rated according to zone. License agreements are then issued for the selected titles. Ideally, we prefer three promotional titles from each DVD that we promote. The titles will be rotated on-air after the DVDs have been secured by our fulfillment house for retail sale.

Please mail submissions to:

Harmony Channel
1290 Baltimore Pike
Suite 111
Chadds Ford, PA 19317
Attn: Creative Circle


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