Play Zone includes the most eclectic mix of visual music seen on Harmony, from high energy electronic dance music from the world’s best DJ’s and VJ’s, to world beat concerts that immerse you in a positive cultural exploration of fun from around the globe.  Play Zone is full of surprises... whimsical shorts, fun animations, and wild computer graphics.  Contemporary and just a little edgy, Play tugs your senses in fun, positive ways to liven your party or brighten your mood.
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Interact with and discuss Harmony Channel Visual and Musical Artists!
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Watch MoodZones Watch MoodZones
Chances are you've never seen anything like Harmony Channel. Slow down, take a deep breath, and ...

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Dr. Robert Young
Interview With Dr. Robert Young
If one simple change could enhance your health, would you do it? The initial alteration is awareness. According to Dr. Robert...
Entering the Play Zone
Entering the Play Zone
Are you ready to take off your ‘responsible adult costume’ in favor of something more colorful and casual?  ...
Interview With Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D
When most people hear the word ‘physicist’, the thought comes to mind of someone cerebral and professorial, compl...

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