Interview With Michele Livingston
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Written by Edie Weinstein-Moser   
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Interview With Michele Livingston
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Michele: When a loved one appears in a dream or if we hear or see or feel them, it’s a knowing in our hearts and souls that it is indeed the person we are connecting with. I always say that everyone perceives spirit in a different way. If you hear the voice of a loved one, it’s distinctive and you can recognize it. If you hear the voice of an angel, it’s a different frequency. Many times the voice is deeper and more profound. They have never been human. Angels can take human form in times of need, but they are androgynous light beings. I think it’s up to the person to discern what the truth is, what they’re feeling, and what the energy pattern is.

 Edie: On life’s journey, some people meander off their chosen path. Are there any ideas for guiding them when, out of fear, they stray?

Michele: There are two things in the world: love and fear. Love casts out fear. When we think of making a life change or decision, we should make it from a love-based mode, not a fear-based mode. If it’s love-based, things seem to fall into place and they are on the right track. It’s a matter of awareness and educating and sharing the knowledge with different people. People need to be open to the fact that they are masters of their destiny. They create and chart their own course. I would advise anyone reading this article, to look within. Meditation is an entering inward and prayer is reaching out to the Creator. I think that there should be a balance of prayer and meditation time. We should ask, whatever we perceive the Creator to be, to reveal what needs to be revealed and heal what needs to be healed. That’s going to help us on our journey.

Edie: How do you bridge both worlds? 

 Michele: I pace myself. To whom much is given, much is required. I feel that if we are given gifts, we need to use them wisely. It is a lifestyle decision that you make. Good nutrition is key. Lots of high vitamin B content foods; leafy green vegetables, steam distilled water. I believe that to cleanse the auric field, which is the electromagnetic field around the body, soaking baths with Epsom salts and baking soda are very good.

Prayer and meditation, as I just said, are important— getting in touch with who we really are. For me to bridge the gap, I have to moderate. I have to self discipline. I have to know when to turn the gift on and off. It can be all-consuming. Before I do a reading or seminar, I center. I clear my mind and say a prayer. I visualize a light switch being turned on. Energy flows through my crown chakra and my heart chakra and I’m ready to do my work. When the work is done, I close the crown and heart chakras, like visualizing the aperture of a camera closing. I am ready to be among the world we deal with every day. Then I’m not walking around with my head still in the clouds.

Nature is so important. Getting out and getting fresh air, walks in nature, opening yourself up to listening to the birds sing. Being aware of all the animals and messengers all around you in the form of totems; animals, birds and insects. It’s a lifestyle. We can all be open and all share our gifts

 Edie: On May 13th (2006), you will be presenting a workshop at The Best Western in New Hope , PA from 2 to 4:30 PM. What will happen there? 

Michele: It will be educating people about how to communicate with the other side. Then I will go to a person I am drawn to and do a live reading with them. I can’t pull a soul in; a soul has a free choice and free will. I will be telling them about the energy patterns all around them, the loved ones who have crossed and how they are communicating in the every day world, and also the angels that are around them. Sometimes soul purpose comes out in these readings, or health scans. I have three angels that work with me, called Light Beings.


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