Interview With Michele Livingston
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Written by Edie Weinstein-Moser   
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Interview With Michele Livingston
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The whole way to Orsay, which was a twenty five minute ride, he told us all about our lives. He told Sarah that she was a good student and he told me that I was very creative, but that I needed to apply myself a little bit more. When we got to Orsay, we turned to thank him, and in a split second, he had just vanished, and there was just a mist that rolled out of the subway. My friend asked “Do you think we encountered an angel?” I said, “I think we did.” and then it was forgotten.

 I returned to America, and about a year later I had a dream. There were around fifty people in the room. They all had white outfits on and they all had white hair and were male and female. Across the room was the stranger who had saved us in Paris. He started to walk toward me and spoke to me “We are all angels here. We are called The Mercy Band and take human form in times of need. When your prayer was sent up, I was sent down.” I’ve had many angelic encounters in my life. That one, at the age of fourteen really opened my eyes to the Spiritual realms, to know that we’re loved so much that God provides help when we need it. I believe in the power of prayer. 

 Edie: Do you believe that prayers are always answered? 

Michele: I think that God’s all knowing, of course. Some of us are here to learn patience, and we may not always get our prayers answered immediately. It’s just a matter of faith, and faith is nothing more than an ability to wait, and a knowing that what you are asking for will be there for you, whether it’s tomorrow or a year from now. God will provide.

 Edie: I always ask for “this or something better for the Highest Good.”

Michele: When I was at a crossroads in my spiritual development, a friend said to me, “You need to say this prayer: ‘Lord, reveal to me what needs to be revealed and heal in me what needs to be healed.’” I said that and literally, within two weeks I had a radio show in Central Pennsylvania and I just feel that was the Lord’s way of healing. Time is nebulous in the other dimension; time is here. It’s in the third dimension. That was a quick response. If we say that prayer with an open heart and an open mind, it seems to expedite the requests.

Edie: You feel a special connection with Mother Mary. How did that come to be for you? 

Michele: For me, Mary personifies the feminine Divine Essence. In 1992, I was in my room, praying and meditating. I had a vision and it was a beautiful white light, brighter than the sun. Out of the light stepped a young woman and I perceived her as Mary. She had very delicate features and she held out her hand to me and said, “I would like you to paint twelve pictures of the healing energy of my son and the universe.” I thought, “Why me? I’m not even Catholic.”, and telepathically, she sent back, “Neither am I.” I think what she was trying to convey is that there is a beautiful feminine energy throughout the universe; this nurturing, caring, loving, creative energy. By presenting herself that way, it was just such a peaceful experience. It was a five year project. I did the paintings and didn’t know what order they would be selected for the book. They are in my book called “Visions From Mary”. Each one took no more than a couple of hours. They were done in pastel chalk. They are very large; the original is about 30-40". It was a five year labor of love.

 Edie: I’m looking at them on your website and they are absolutely beautiful.

Michele: They are not my normal style. Each one has a symbol that an individual can meditate on. Each one has a lesson and a prayer. It’s for all denominations. It’s an easy book to pick up. People sometimes put it on their night stands and read a chapter a night. That was my first book in 1992. The one I just wrote is called “Miraculous Encounters”. It’s true stories of angels and departed loved ones. People see me at the seminars I do and on TV and radio, and they submit stories of their experiences. Many have dreamt of loved ones who have passed. I tell them that they are astrally out of their bodies and in the next dimension. They are actually communing with those they have loved and lost. 

 The book breaks down into chapters, such as Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Angels and Ways of Communication. Angels can materialize objects and de-materialize objects, because they are at a higher frequency. They can send messengers in the form of birds, butterflies, dragonflies. Any creature with wings is a symbol of the soul, of the soul flying free. That is my most recent book, and it’s one hundred and ten true stories of experiences of individuals, just like you and me. Your story’s in there.


Edie: I’m honored that you used it. How can people be certain that they are connecting with Spirit, versus listening to their own thoughts and impressions?



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