Interview With Michele Livingston
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Written by Edie Weinstein-Moser   
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Interview With Michele Livingston
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 A woman who trusts Spirit implicitly, Michele Livingston has learned through miraculous encounters to expect the unexpected, and to relish it. To speak with her in “normal” conversation, you would never know that she lives in two blended worlds. In one, she’s a suburban Pennsylvania home-maker. In the other, she’s a woman whose work takes her city to city, sharing the message that we are loved beyond measure, and that we are surrounded by angels, spirit guides and loved ones who have passed. When we spoke, Michele was scheduled to be a guest on John Holland’s radio show on May 15, 2006

( Michele is also a monthly columnist for Wisdom Magazine,

Edie: You were an especially “wanted child”; your mother prayed for you to be born, and you survived a major illness. Do you feel that your purpose is to do this work, and that prepared you for it?

Michele: Yes. I feel that everyone is on a soul mission and has a soul purpose, and I really fought to come through. I almost died three times between the ages of three days old and three years old.

Quotation I almost died three times between the ages of three days old and three years old. Quotation
My soul was really hanging in there, I would assume, to fulfill the mission. My mother was, in a way, a visionary herself. She was in menopause when she had me, and my dad was ten years older than she was, so I was his only the child and the love of his life. So, when I was born with a club foot and a curved spine in 1951, they held me up and the doctor said, “This child is a true miracle. This child has a will to live.”


Edie: You also were gifted with wide-open senses. It seems like you didn’t miss anything.

Michele: Actually, I said to my mother, at the age of two; “I’m glad I picked you to be my mother.” I really feel we choose our parents to learn from and grow with. I really believe that the soul is eternal and that we incarnate many times to learn and grow. Each incarnation, we choose a soul lesson or purpose, whether it is to be aware of unconditional love, or tolerance, or patience, or humility. It’s not so much mastering it, as to be aware of it.

 Edie: How do we determine what our purpose is in any given lifetime?

 Michele: I think if we are doing what we love to do, we are doing what our soul sent us here to do. Think of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, India. We all couldn’t do what she did, but she loved her work. She was self-disciplined and was on a mission. Some people are on a mission to be creative; they are musicians, artists or self-directors. I say that we should love our work 90% of the time. That’s our soul purpose. Many of us have blinders on, from what we’ve been told growing up, that almost puts us in a box. I think we need to step away sometimes, and think outside the box about what we truly are here to do.

 Edie: In your teens, you had a vision in the subway in Paris. Can you tell me about that time?

 Michele: It was my first angelic encounter, which I will always remember. I was fourteen at the time, and my father had died of brain cancer. My mother took part of our savings and sent me over to France to study with a foreign language league for the summer. She thought it would help me through my grief and depression. I befriended another girl named Sarah, who was thirteen. We were wandering around Paris and got lost, and did not make the destination time to go back to The University of Orsay. We were just learning French and we were scared, and we found the subway and we started to pray and, of course, cry. All I can say is that there was mist that rolled in, and out of the mist stepped a tall gentleman with white hair and a white suit and a gold badge that said “International Guide”. He said he was off to meet with De Gaulle. He said, “You don’t have to talk to me in French. I know all languages.” He told us where we needed to go, and at the time we weren’t analyzing any of this. He put us on the train, paid our fare.



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