Interview With Master Stephen Co
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Written by Edie Weinstein-Moser   
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Interview With Master Stephen Co
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Master Co: The best way to describe it is that these other modalities involve transfer of energy, so that is the same. Everything else is different. In Pranic Healing, we emphasize what is called a “cookbook approach.” We have seen that every element has a unique energy pattern.

I got into the work, not by choice. My wife fell and broke her hip bone. The doctor said it would take 3 ½ months for her to walk. When I took the class, I was told that in healing any type of broken bone, there were specific techniques to perform. If you do the proper technique in cleansing and healing with this life force, the body will heal itself. In her case, in one month and one week, she was running. The doctor couldn’t believe it. I said, “Well, she might be healing a little faster than normal.” So, there’s the cookbook approach.

Another difference is that we emphasize cleansing. We spend 70-90% of the session removing the blockages of the different energy centers and channels. According to many Reiki Masters who have attended my class, over 500 so far— what they have learned in Pranic Healing can be used in Reiki. It compliments it. We do cleansing of the chakras.
Another difference between Pranic Healing and these other modalities is what we call “energetic hygiene”. A lot of people in the health care industry find that their biggest problem is when they come home from work, they feel tired and drained. It’s called burn out. We teach very simple steps, how to stop people from draining the life force. It teaches how to recharge yourself and protect and clean you from any type of energy you pick up. It’s good for nurses and doctors. My co-author is a medical doctor. Day in, day out, he sees sick people and he’s so tired when he comes home. After he took Pranic Healing and started applying it to his life, he had more energy than the people he works with.

We also talk about how to increase the down-flowing of energy that comes through the system. A big part of the class shows how to flush out a lot of stress and allows us to channel that energy and focus it on people’s energy centers and help them heal faster. In a nutshell, those are the major differences.

 Edie: I can appreciate that, since I’m a Reiki Master, and I work in a hospital, and sometimes I do feel drained. How do our thoughts contribute to our state of physical well-being or dis-ease?

 Master Co: A whole, whole lot. In fact, what you do in Pranic Healing is scan the energy field. You pick a partner and scan different energetic centers. You have them smile and you can see the energy and then ask them to pout or get angry. A thought that we have can directly affect the energy center. For example, when the energy center in the spine is being affected by a person’s thoughts, it actually shrinks. There is immediate feedback of what they should think or say.

 Edie: You speak in the book about limiting beliefs. What do you think keeps us tied in to these beliefs, when we know on some level that they don’t serve us?

 Master Co: One is bad habits. A lot of people are afraid of change. In my opinion, people get tied down to old beliefs. They don’t know any better. Until they are given an alternative, people have a tendency to say: “Oh, I’ll take care of it later.” For example, with a person with low self-esteem, we focus on the solar plexus and throat center, and use simple extraction techniques. When you pull out the blocks, you notice that the person starts feeling freer. Give them a solution how to extract the blocks, and a simple set of breathing exercises, as well as energy projection techniques, and they can enhance the positive qualities they want.


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