Interview With Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D
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Written by Edie Weinstein-Moser   
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Interview With Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D
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When most people hear the word ‘physicist’, the thought comes to mind of someone cerebral and professorial, complete with pen-laden pocket protector, whose use of language is beyond the capacity of the average person to comprehend.  This image couldn’t be farther from the truth of the man who graced a recent cover of New Visions Magazine. Yes, Dr. Fred Alan Wolf is a physicist who could, no doubt, hold his own in a room filled with such folks. But he does something that very few others on the planet do as succinctly: He translates complicated concepts into easy-to-grasp images and metaphors. With a Ph.D in Theoretical Physics from UCLA, these days, he is best known for his role in the breakthrough movie “What The Bleep Do We Know?” which I would describe as a film that profoundly explores “life, the universe and everything,” my favorite subject. I found him to be delightfully approachable, with a genuine sense of humor born of life experience.

 Fred is the author of many books, including Taking the Quantum Leap, Parallel Universes, The Dreaming Universe, The Eagle's Quest, The Spiritual Universe, Mind into Matter, Matter into Feeling and his latest book, The Yoga of Time Travel: How the Mind Can defeat Time.

Edie: The first thing that leapt out at me when I was looking at your website ( was your persona named Captain Quantum. Can you tell me about him?

 Fred Alan Wolf:  Captain Quantum was a creature I invented back in 1981 when I first appeared on stage with Timothy Leary at the Wilshire Ebells Theater in Los Angeles. He had me come on as the opening act. I decided to do a kind of quantum magic show, illustrating the ideas of quantum physics.

Quotation I decided to do a kind of quantum magic show, illustrating the ideas of quantum physics. Quotation
That cartoon that you see was made for a publication called “Futures Magazine” in 1982. The article was written about me, so I decided to import it to my web page, and it’s been there for four or five years. Captain Quantum reappeared as Dr. Quantum in the movie “What The Bleep…”You can see him on the cover of the comic book that the character Reggie holds in his hands as he talks about where he learns all this stuff about quantum physics and he says, “from Dr. Quantum Magazine,” as he shows it to the character played by Marlee Maitlan. Now I’ve got several products coming out. I’ve got “Dr. Quantum Presents…the User’s Guide to Your Universe” that just came out in CD (a 6 CD set,) and another CD that will be coming out in the Fall called “The Real Creator: You”. A book that is coming out in the next couple of mont hs is called “The Little Book of Big Ideas”.

What I’m up to these days is kind of a three-pronged attack. The first prong is, what is quantum physics and why should I care? The second prong is, how can I use quantum physics in my life in some way and make sense of it? By three, it’s really the spiritual aspect of it. I believe, and several scientists believe, that quantum physics is pointing to a new understanding of spirituality. 


 Edie: Can you explain the connection between quantum physics and consciousness?

Fred Alan Wolf: It’s not easy to explain; in fact, it’s the major mystery of our age. The fact that there is a connection seems to be fairly well accepted, although some people think there may not be any connection at all. Anybody who has studied the problem to any great extent has come to the conclusion that there must be some kind of connection, and that’s because we experience the world in two different ways. There’s the world we can understand through our ideas of the world, and there’s the world that we experience in our every day lives. To the extent that one is like the other, is what science is really all about.


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