Calling All Cuddle Monsters
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Written by Edie Weinstein-Moser   
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Calling All Cuddle Monsters
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What wears brightly colored p.j.’s, purrs and moans with delight, and lives to snuggle up to a room full of similarly clad and vocalizing adults? 

A Cuddle Monster, of course!

 Cuddle Monster is the playful nickname given to those who participate in a wondrously nurturing and fun experience called Cuddle Party.  The brain and heart-child of REiD (yes, that’s how he spells it) Mihalko and Marcia Baczynski, Cuddle Party began two years ago and is going strong, thanks to the enthusiasm and passion of these two Cuddle Coaches.
What it is: a safe, nurturing, sensual, but not sexual gathering of adults who are seeking affection in their lives. What it is not: an orgy. Although sexual feelings do arise, and Marcia and ReiD are very clear that this is normal; it is not to be acted on in the sanctuary of the workshop space. They explain their own interactions in this way: “We’re very cuddly together and practice cuddling techniques with one another. We’ve developed some advanced ones that we don’t recommend for the general public.” This last comment said with tongue firmly implanted in cheek and with a pair of mischievous grins.

The Makings of A Cuddle Monster

The catalyst for the workshop, according to REiD, was a gathering of fellow bodyworkers whose  practices enabled them to offer nurturing touch, while their own lives were often lacking in the same type and abundance of strokes. His friends who were not massage practitioners were intimidated by the thought of rubbing the professionals the wrong way, so to speak, and were hesitant to attend. So ReiD said, “If you’re not going to come to a massage party, grab a pillow and your pajamas and we’ll have a cuddle party.”

Quotation “If you’re not going to come to a massage party, grab a pillow and your pajamas and we’ll have a cuddle party.” Quotation
He explained, “It was a moment where there was an epiphany, that there is no peer to peer touch in our culture, from a structured point of view. I designed the workshop to help strangers feel safe with each other. Marcia hopped on board, and by the second Cuddle Party we had press, and by the fifth Cuddle Party, we were taking calls nationally.”  Marcia said “ I was interested in sexuality, relationships and communication. When I went to the second Cuddle Party, I said ‘This is exactly how I want to be spending my time!’  It was clear that we had a hit on our hands.”


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