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Written by Edie Weinstein-Moser   
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Seane Corn Interview
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I would listen to the work of Marianne Williamson and Caroline Myss, and hear the information in a very different way. I was present to what I was hearing, I wasn’t afraid of it, or resisting it, or in my ego. There was something else happening, and at the end of the session I would feel my humanity validated. I dreamed about creating that environment for a lot of people. It feels kind of organic, and is still evolving. I’m a very good intuitive teacher, and create sacred space well, and promote an environment that helps people feel safe.

I believe that everybody has this innate ability, that nobody is more intuitive than anyone else.

Quotation I believe that everybody has this innate ability, that nobody is more intuitive than anyone else. Quotation
There are people who have more self esteem than others. If you want to work on your intuitive side, work on your esteem, and your intuition will flourish, because you’ll trust yourself more.

 Edie:  I understand that some of your work is with children who are former prostitutes.


Seane: I work with children who have OCD as well. Children are so incredibly stressed with what’s going on in the media, especially sexually. These kids don’t know how to control their environment. There’s not been enough parenting for them. There’s no sense of the miraculous and the spiritual. They don’t have the vocabulary to match their feelings, and they are finding all kinds of tools to create control.

 Sexually, the children who are prostitutes will almost always have OCD, in my experience. They will often use this patterning to bring them back into their bodies in some way and create a pocket of protection around themselves. I started working with these young prostitutes at a shelter called “Children of the Night”. The yoga program has been successful there. Kids love it, and it was an intense program to get going. One rule was that I wasn’t allowed to touch the children, I wasn’t allowed to do or say anything that could make them cry. I couldn’t talk about their parents or sex. They weren’t allowed to touch each other. I thought, “Oh, this will be interesting, considering what I do, and just the nature of yoga.”  When I first starting to work at the shelter, I asked, “How about if I ask permission of the children, if I can touch them and explain how this works?” 

 Edie:  Are you still working with the program?


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