Harmony Channel presents two "Domie" Awards
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Written by Ed Lantz   

Spot Award

Albuquerque, NM (July, 2007) - Harmony Channel presented two special "Domie" Awards for best mood-elevating visual music titles rendered for the fulldome (immersive cinema) medium at last summer's DomeFest held in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Over 320 fulldome theaters worldwide are now immersing millions of children and adults with real-time computer generated imagery. Harmony Channel is promoting fine arts programming for these cutting-edge venues.

Harmony Channel CEO Ed Lantz (shown on right) presented one award to visual artist Scott Draves (shown on left) and musical composer Kenji Williams. Firebird Scott explained how the genetic code used to render his winning piece, "The Firebird," required 250,000 hours of CPU time to render

at 2300x2300 pixels. Fortunately, the piece was rendered by a cybernetic network of 45,000 computers via the Electric Sheep screensaver and BitTorrent peer-to-peer protocol (much the same as SETI@Home). Scott described his Electric Sheep as a self-sufficient, artificially intelligent living entity that users can watch and influence, and personifies it as a message of peace and love from the machine world to humanity because of the great beauty of the resulting images. Wow. Perhaps that's why he also received an impromptu "Director's Choice" award from the Dome Fest Chairperson, David Beining.

Check it out yourself at www.ElectricSheep.org.

The second award went to visual artist Rocco Helmchen and musical artist Andre Schroeder for their abstract piece, CHAOSCAPES. Volkmar Schort of Carl Zeiss, Inc.and Laura Misajet of Seiler Instruments accepted the award on their behalf.


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