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Motivation Station
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What motivates people to take on new projects, return to school, create a business, plant a garden or engage in a relationship? From a psychological perspective, it is all about seeking the rewards inherent in achievement of goals. Anything that becomes physical, tangible reality, first originates as thought in the mind of the person desiring that experience or object. 

Maslow's Theory of Human Needs

 Abraham Maslow's Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory is the most widely discussed theories of motivation.

The theory can be summarized in this way:

“Human beings have wants and desires which influence their behaviour, only unsatisfied need can influence behaviour, satisfied needs cannot.
Quotation “Human beings have wants and desires which influence their behaviour, only unsatisfied need can influence behaviour, satisfied needs cannot. Quotation
Since needs are many, they are arranged in order of importance, from the basic to the complex. The person advances to the next level of needs after only when the lower level need is at least minimally satisfied. Further by the hierarchy, the more individuality, humanness and psychological health a person will show. The needs, listed from basic to more complex are as follows: Physiological, Safety and Security, Love, Self Esteem and Self Actualization.” So how does one find ways to attract the means to achieve these needs? First and foremost, it is about recognizing that sufficient desire and sufficient belief will pave the way for making needed changes. Second is the acceptance that although others are there for support, true success is an inside job. (Wikipedia)

There are many ways to assist in creating the type of life that not only meets the basic survival needs, but also feed the deeper soul needs.

Hypnotic Healing

 Motivational tools such as hypnosis provide a way of unlocking unconscious resistance to change in order for it to take effect. According to Dr. Richard A. Blumenthal, “Hypnosis is a state of mind characterized by an extreme concentration of attention. This happens naturally, and on a fairly regular basis in our daily lives. The feeling of hypnosis has been described as a deep daydream, sometimes a staring off into space, or other telltale sign that the person is involved more in an inner reality, than what is going on around her or him. Such extreme concentration opens the mind to what are called suggestions, ideas that may be planted directly into a person's thinking. These ideas can help change or control behaviors, emotions, health, anything the vast power of the mind may influence.” 

 Athletes use a form of hypnosis each time they visualize themselves winning a race, shooting hoops, making a home run or lobbing a tennis ball over the net. Our minds are so creative that often, we manifest almost instantaneously what we focus upon. Thus the adage, “Be careful what you ask for.”


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