Dream A Little Dream of Me
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Written by Edie Weinstein-Moser   
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Dream A Little Dream of Me
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What Do You Dream About?

Many dream theorists believe that every person or animal in a dream is an aspect of the dreamer. Although there are many informative and entertaining books on the subject of dreams, the answers lie within.

Here are some pointers for recalling and using dreams:

1. Set an intention, before retiring, to remember the content of your dreams.
2. Keep paper and pen next to your bed, and write down in as much detail as possible what has come through on the dream channel.
3. Ask yourself how you feel upon waking.
4. Explore the imagery you recall. Is it familiar to you?
5. Is the dream precognitive? In other words, does it seem like it is foretelling a future event?
6. Dialogue with the characters and objects in the dream. What does it feel like to embody them?
7. Can you apply what you have learned to empower positive change in your life?

Common Dream Symbols

 Father = The old conscious mind, physical body and outer life circumstance. The one which preceded or "begat" the one you have today. Your waking life experiences one generation back from the present. Yesterday's memories of events.

Mother = The older subconscious mind, emotional body and inner life circumstance. This is the one which preceded or "begat" the one you have today; your conclusions, imaginations and emotional memories of yesterday that make you who you are today. The Mother is related to "within" the mind/self, where the mind identifies its "existence" as being focused when we are in introspective mode, whereas the Father is related to the physical environment that the mind exists within, and IDENTIFIES itself with, when it is conscious and what we call awake.

A Man and Wife (or couple) = These in many cases are substitutes for Father and Mother. Many times a dream setting, or "stage", as I call it, will require someone other than Father and Mother, someone you knew who had "specific" characteristics that the dream is indicating. In this case the subconscious simply calls in different "actors" who might fit the setting better. Gender attributes apply respectively to which part of your mind/self/life is being shown: past, present and future.

If the couple is older they represent old experiences/memories. If they are contemporary with you, they represent your own "actual" or your possible "optional" experiences. If they are younger, they represent your present and immediate future condition, the one that is developing now.

A Brother and Sister = Indicates a current state of your being as opposed to the father/mother, which was what came before now. Gender attributes apply respectively to which part of your mind/self/life is being shown. Brother and sister represent your current generation, so they would indicate the present.

A Man = The active principal or force...The conscious mind...especially if he seems associated with the left in some way, or seems logical or analytical about the situation, or is very macho. Also can represent the physical body or the present physical life circumstances.


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