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 In your new work, "Dreams In High Fidelity," you take selected outstanding "Electric Sheep" images as seeds for high resolution renderings. How will the spreading adaptation of HDTV affect you as an artist? Will viewers at home be able to create their own evolving paintings and grow their own store of imagery? Where do you project your current project's technology in the next few years?

  Scott: Right. The Electric Sheep have been evolving for years, and I have collected an archive of over 100,000 genomes. I search this database for sheep that really speak to me, and then send them back out to the network to be realized in HD resolution. This takes 20 times the computational energy as for the screen-saver, but the results are worth it! HDTV is a revolution in our journey into virtual reality, one that we are just beginning to taste. These large high resolution screens and network attached computers are the surface and substance of cyberspace. For me, it's a bigger canvas. Users can already design their own Electric Sheep, either for their own pleasure or to post into the global gene pool. In the future as the network grows it will more finely focuses human attention on the evolution of beauty, finally giving voice and face to the noosphere. I look forward to many more generations of sheep at ever higher resolutions, with more expressive genetic codes, in three dimensions, responding to music, performing feats not yet imagined.


 Scott, on behalf of Harmony Channel, thank you so very much for your time and support.

 Scott: You're welcome.

Don Slepian
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Don Slepian is an internationally known electronic musician, recording artist, and concert performer. Described by Rolling Stone magazine as "one of the genre's major talents", Slepian's live electronic concerts have been sponsored by radio stations, scientific groups, computer societies and universities.


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