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Norman Bosworth
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Norman Bosworth is a photographer and cinematographer with over 20 year's experience. His work demonstrates an incredible eye for natural beauty. Norman’s MindFlo DVD series is designed to provide a meditative calm with an artful mix of imagery and sound.



Harmony Channel Interview

 What has influenced your work as a visual artist?

 Norman Bosworth: I would have to say that nature itself has been a very big influence on what I am trying to do as a visual artist. What I mean by that is when I am in the outdoors I am constantly thinking about what I am seeing. Nature, to me, exemplifies balance. My work is best when I find balance between work, health, relationships and spirituality.

   How has your extensive background in commercial video influenced your work as a video artist?

Norman Bosworth: Thanks to working for many great clients over the years I have been able to stay focused on a real love of mine and that love is the natural world. My background in commercial photography and cinematography mixed with a wide variety of filming assignments has really helped me develop the skills I needed to do what I am now doing. You know, we really are all connected in the deepest ways. If it were not for great people being in the right place in my life at the right time my opportunities would not have materialized. As others have given me opportunity I in turn have a real desire to give something back.I think that when we help other is smalllest of ways we really are helping ourselves


What are your hopes and intentions for the "MindFlo" series of music videos?

   Norman Bosworth: I would like to see the Mindflo series find usefulness in the lives of its viewers. In part I am creating these  programs as a thank you to life and what it has given to me. I would like the visual influences of nature to be presented in such a way as to give people a sense of appreciation for life, a sense of respect for everything living, and a sense of wonder and joy at just being alive. 


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