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Ilya Nikkolai
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   What has influenced your work as a musician and visual artist
Ilya: I feel at one with Monet, Kandinski, and Van Gogh in their search for the link of light and color to something beyond mere subject. I see the link to the aspirations of composers like Scriabin, who composed his music as part of a vision of light and color, of Messian who annotated his scores with color. look back to Isaac Newton and Goethe who were fascinated by the relationship of light and color to sound and higher frequencies, and in particular the metaphysical implications of that relationship






 My work has helped me to understand what Goethe wrote: ( My translation. It is my favourite quote.)

When you allow the Always The Same
To renew Itself in endless flow
And let it fold Itself upon Itself
In countless endless conscious patterns,

You let Life's Joy spring from all
From the smallest thing,

as it does from the largest star
And all clang, clamour and struggle
become Eternal Peace in The Loving Infinite

 Does Liquid Music also have healing applications?

Ilya: The beneficial effects of brain entrainment by means of sound frequencies to reach specific mind states to promote relaxation and healing are well recognized – almost mainstream. It appears that the right kind of vision added to sound acts as a catalyst to bring into play much more of the brain’s mechanisms in new beneficial and unexpected ways.


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Don Slepian is an internationally known electronic musician, recording artist, and concert performer. Described by Rolling Stone magazine as "one of the genre's major talents", Slepian's live electronic concerts have been sponsored by radio stations, scientific groups, computer societies and universities.


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