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Ilya Nikkolai
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Ilya Nikkolai is a visual music artist residing in Perth, Australia. Liquid Music, Ilya’s unique visual music brand, has been in development for over a decade. Originally an award winning architectural designer and innovator, Ilya began to see the possibility of combining his diverse interests with computers that extended far beyond using AutoCAD. A love of music, dance, painting and film and an architects’ keen sense of space were combined and synthesized in Ilya's mind; a desire to create an embracing aesthetic, sensual and ultimately spiritual experience. Focusing on the key elements of Visual Art; Light, Color and Movement, Ilya realized these raw elements combined in certain ways with music had tremendous psychological, emotional and ultimately spiritual impact on viewers. With improved technology and Ilya's increasing understanding and mastery of the language he has largely created, Liquid Music has became astonishingly complex and multi-layered, attaining the kind of dynamism and organic density and beauty that Ilya had envisaged from the beginning. As Ilya said recently; "I feel as if I have landed on a new and unexplored Continent full of exciting possibilities. The Continent is within. The language is not of The Word and Ideas and Beliefs, but that of Light, Colour and theEternal Movement of Creation. A language that leads us to the membrane between the manifest world and That which manifests it."

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What is Liquid Music?

   Ilya: For the first time we have the ability to create visual animated art that rivals the complexity and expressiveness of music. I call the new experience Liquid Music.

 Where can Liquid Music be seen?

   Ilya: Liquid Music is televised for 30 minutes daily on access 31 broadcast television in Perth, Australia. In fact, Liquid Music was the first program to air on Perth community television in 1999.

How can the Liquid Music experience potentiate Synaesthesia and the blending of the senses?

   Ilya: Some people who are synaesthetic actually experience color when they hear sound, and there are people who hear sound when they experience color. With Liquid Music you are provided with both, however your interpretation of what you see and hear is up to you. To experience it on a big screen really allows you to fall into it in a hypnotic sense and indeed feel the emotion through the story you create in your head.

Much of Liquid Music, in a focused and controlled way, stimulates pre-cognitive visual, auditory and neurological systems of the human organism. Involved are the understanding and application, (and in time I hope a semblance of mastery) of revolutionary concepts such as visual reverb, visual chords and visual phrases. Together with Neuropulse sound, (using Dolby 5.1 technology) we are beginning to understand the fascination of the relationship of order to chaos, at it nuts and bolts, squishy squashy organic level.


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