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Charlie Case
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 Your videos have a sense of the dramatic while maintaining an ambient quality.

 How have you developed your art of "story telling" or drama in these DVDs? 

 How do you like to surprise and astonish the participant who enters your worlds?

 Charlie: Learning the technical abilities was only a small piece of the challenge. Refining the look and feel to be as natural as possible is an ongoing life challenge. Nature is the best teacher. My family is used to me now, driving down the road and pointing ,  saying  "look at that sky, those clouds, that wind, those trees , those light shadows!"  I think the closer to organic and natural physics a synthesized animation environment is the more comfortable and familiar that environment will be. Then when something abstract exists in that world it gives the viewer the feeling of belonging and “what if .”


 How do you work with the musicians?

 Does the music come first - have you composed music to the visuals, or the other way around? 

  Charlie:  This is a question I’m often asked. For the most part I listen to a particular piece of music and close my eyes and journey. For the most part I have the entire program completed in my head the first time I listen to the piece. It either clicks or it doesn’t. Many times the composer likes to come in during the production and tweak certain hit points. When I create the animation I only work with the feel and just start dropping in the segments of animation randomly. It always amazes even me how well it all just blends together with the music.


 Please tell us a little about the symbolism and mythic allegories in your work.  How does that shape your compositional process?

 Charlie:  My works seem to be moving from just environments to environments rich in symbols. I've put much thought into designing collections of symbols , both ancient to futuristic, to reflect positive, balanced and deep meanings. They represent thoughts and ideas designed to open peoples' minds and expand their imaginations.  Interpretation of the symbols are left solely to the viewers.


 Many of your videos have a very natural feel while maintaining imaginary objects.  How has your love of nature been applied to your synthesis of music and video?

 Charlie:  Nature is the best teacher, nature plays by her own set of rules. Replicating realistic organic serendipity has been the greatest challenge of all.


 Your work is a series of journeys, a progression for those people willing to follow your vision.  Where are you taking us?

Where do you see your own artistic path leading over the next few years?

Charlie:  They say a picture is worth a thousand words well I am presenting thirty pictures per second and that’s a lot of information. I always thought my work to be moving art.

 How might we use your videos to enhance our lives and those of our friends and families?

 Charlie:  It only takes one short ten or twenty second piece of animation to set off someone’s imagination. It only takes one idea to change the world and it only takes one person to have that one idea. If my work can get someone thinking of creative alternatives to our major world problems like energy or peace then it will all be worth a lifetime of work and dedication.

Don Slepian
About the author:

Don Slepian is an internationally known electronic musician, recording artist, and concert performer. Described by Rolling Stone magazine as "one of the genre's major talents", Slepian's live electronic concerts have been sponsored by radio stations, scientific groups, computer societies and universities.


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