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Harmony Channel Interview

 What came first, the music or the images?

Or was it a mixture between the two?

 Was the music composed with the DVD in mind?

 Nicholas: It was a combination of the two actually.  I had originally composed and recorded some pieces without the thought of adding images, but then I realized that I wanted to give my fans something more. At this point, I started composing pieces with Michaels Images in mind, tailoring the remaining tracks to “fit” some of these amazing images. A really cool experience!

 This music stands on its own, and yet with the video there is great synergy. How does this relate to your earlier works, especially the earlier music you made inspired by the Grand Canyon?

 What in your background brought you to this project?|

 What personal and artistic growth did you experience through this?

 Nicholas: Thanks – I like to think the music stands on its own also! All of my earlier Grand Canyon works have some great visual component to them, represented mostly in the booklet and accompanying artwork.  The listener was already on a journey just by looking at the packaging, the music simply took them further down the road. Adding the images on a DVD with “Beyond  Grand Canyon” created a more detailed road map for the listener - a road less traveled rather than a main highway I would like to think!  When I started “Beyond Grand Canyon” I knew I wanted to use Michael Fatali’s images again (I used his images on “Return to Grand Canyon”) but really wanted to cover more ground as his work is exceptional. 

The natural course of events lead to a photographic DVD set to my music, it all worked out beautifully and was highly synergistic! In post production we had to overcome some real technical issues preserving the color quality of Michael’s images. The project turned into a real technical learning experience for me.  I learned so much about photography and how beautiful and vast nature’s colors are, a real gem of an experience!

 There is an interesting contract in both the music and the video between the primitive/raw/natural feel and the high technology used to bring us this art. As a flutist your instrument is an elemental expression of your breath and yet the sophisticated orchestrated and arranged music is clearly made with the latest digital technology. It's as if a digital recording studio was brought to the camp fire to capture a musical tribal gathering that was then distilled through the ear of a classical composer.

 What are your thoughts and feelings about these observations?


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