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How was your journey? How was your conflict resolved (or unresolved)? You can then notice how you're a changed person when you return to 'A.' Because it's not the same 'A' as before, you're in a different time and place - you're a different person. So ABA Structure is essentially a code word for evolution. Use it to look at all the A, to B, to A patterns in your life. We do it in fractal patterns and sequences every day. You go to work, you come back. You go to sleep, you wake. You inhale, you exhale. You travel to outer space, you return.

 You have often pushed the state-of-the-art as you develop new techniques in your work - what new technical directions current hold your interest?

 Kenji: I am very interested in High Definition video, and its integration with my music and live multimedia. In collaboration with Harmony Channel, last year I brokered a deal with Sony Japan, to use their high end CineAlta cameras for a shoot that covered a good portion of Japan during springtime. It was a huge learning experience. I would like to have more opportunities to create High-Def materials, for live shows, planetarium domes, and for broadcast.

 What are your current projects?

 Kenji: Currently, I am taking a break from touring and traveling so much. I'd like to spend more time in the studio and create more art. I just finished a remix for a band named 'Pitch Black', included on a remix compilation with artists like System 7 and Youth. I also just finished producing a short video for Global Mindshift.

I have a full continuing release schedule, the Music of Worldspirit CD next, as well as the 'Mystical Journeys of Japan' DVD of the high definition videos I made in Japan, and then a new album next year too. I have a potential film scoring opportunity for a very exciting feature film. There are also two big scale projects I am searching sponsors for - a documentary on new energy and physics, and a large scale transcontinental, and interstellar evolutionary multimedia event..... yeah, I know, huh? I'll explain more when the time is right!

 How can we, as viewers and listeners, use your works to bring harmony to the world?

  Kenji: This is my greatest wish! Meditate with it. Play the music in your homes and cars! Broadcast it on the internet radio and TV like Harmony Channel! Recommend it to your friends, and to your parents. It seems a broad spectrum of people of all ages like my music.

I have had stories of psychotherapists using my music during their treatment sessions, Shamans using it for hallucinogenic healing journeys, and for simple relaxing and dreaming.

Use my works to bring Harmony, by opening yourself to the deeper layers and refined detail of my work. In this way, you refine your own awareness, and open deeper layers of peace within. Through this meditation, translate this refinement and deep peace in your actions, your words, your thoughts. This integration within the self, and within a species, to me, is what creates Harmony.

 When you edit do you fit music to the visuals, visuals to the music, or some method in between?

 How do you achieve such a close correlation between your work and the soundtrack?

 Kenji: I guess its something in between. Sometimes the visuals come first, and the music is then 'scored' to it, but most often the music is first, and then the visuals are edited to the music. As my music seems to evoke a lot of imagery on its own, creating the visuals for it is so natural to me – it clarifies, and brings context to the piece as a whole, and I think completes my expression as an audio visual artist.

 Thank you for the interview, Kenji!

 Kenji: Thank you so much, and I truly respect and support what Harmony Channel is doing. I wish great success for HC, as this world is in dire need of projects like this.


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Don Slepian is an internationally known electronic musician, recording artist, and concert performer. Described by Rolling Stone magazine as "one of the genre's major talents", Slepian's live electronic concerts have been sponsored by radio stations, scientific groups, computer societies and universities.


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