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Creative Director, Kenji Williams is an award winning filmmaker, electronic music producer, theatrical show director and classically-trained violinist. From the first ever “Illusion” EP music release reaching a global audience of nearly100,000 in collaboration with John Digweed's Bedrock label, to ambient releases with top labels like Interchill, to the latest fulllength album “Faces of Epiphany” with its feature track “Death & Rain” music video rated #1 on Harmony Channel TV in 9 million homes, Kenji Williams' trademark of quality & spirit in audiovisual art is reaching a mainstream audience.

Combining unique skills in film and music, Williams has earned international film awards from the CSC to Sundance, and has been featured in the media, such as Harmony Channel, Audio Video revolution, XLR8R, and Director of 15 films and music videos, 3 feature length projects: (Moment Utopia, Vision Quest Gathering, WORLDSPIRIT) and creative director of 2 multimedia theatrical live shows, (WORLDSPIRIT & Tokyo Dream Theater), Kenji Williams is already recognized as a cutting edge audio visual artist.


 Born in 1974, and classically trained in Violin since the age of 7, Kenji Williams performs live ethereal- style violin, with a laptop and drum machine transmitting self-produced classics to the dance floor.

Tracking Kenji's multimedia career, from serious classical violin training, to his early influences in Detroit and European techno, to a BFA in Film Production, to 4 years touring with trance group Medicine Drum, while simultaneously producing and directing films and music videos, the combination of ingredients that make Williams's art fuse into an exotic, tantalizing, and intoxicating audio visual experience.

Booked from Europe to America to Japan, Kenji Williams performs at house, techno, trance, and ambient events, from intimate underground gatherings, to 20,000 person outdoor productions, to multimedia theatrical shows with visionary artists such as Alex Grey and evolutionary philosophers and thinkers such as Ken Wilber.

Kenji Williams is creating the cutting edge of musical composition and performance,while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of film & visual communication. Collaborating with the most respected artists of our time, Kenji Williams is literally re-shaping the context of electronic music, film, and live theater. Considered by many as the "next level" of electronic music and performance, Kenji Williams delivers unique and un-matched audio visual talent to the audience, with a violin that shatters any stereotypes of cold electronica.

 Harmony Channel Interview

 What has influenced your work as a musician and visual artist?

 Kenji: I was classically trained in Violin since I was 6 years old. I began producing music in high school, performing with orchestras, while also becoming interested in Computer graphics, animation, and film production. I went to 5 years of film school in Toronto, and Boulder Colorado.

During that time, I developed my skills in filmmaking, as well as music composition, as I was composing the music for the films of the class. It was a remarkable learning experience.During University in the90's, I really got into rave culture that was exploding in the underground, thus influencing me in electronic music.


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