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Harmony Channel Network ID

Animation, Modeling, Compositing

Brad Thompson

Music Composition

John Avarese


John Schran

Harmony Channel Network ID

Call to Action IDs

Visual Composition

Penny Slinger & Dhiren Dasu

Music Composition

Dhiren Dasu


Annette Sotheran-Barnett

 Call to Action

Programming and Licensing

Kate McCallum

Susan Moser

Laura Vattilana

Cristiana Fragola

Creative Advisors


Nadine Bergeron

Charles Alexander

Judy Pritchett


Network Post Production


Real Projects for Video Projects (RSVP) – Natalie

Coyopa Productions – Jon Shearburn and Rich Hoffman






Web and Brand Development Team


Logo and Brochures: 

Thom & Dave – Thom Holden and Dave


Web Flash and Graphic Design:

Penny Slinger and Dhiren Dasu


Art Director:

Annette Sotheran


Joomla Site Design

David Mieloch and Zubair


MoodZones Store Setup:

Jan Lange


Past Web Designers:

Thom & Dave – Thom Holden and Dave Bell

Ampersand Design – Chanin Walsh and Andy Cleff

Jan Lange and Dan O’Brien






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