About Harmony Channel

 Harmony Channel is the first visual music television network offering positive, experience-based programming that uplifts and enhances your state of mind. Our goal is to turn your television or home theater into a digital spa experience. We’re a small business supported by a growing community of conscious artists and producers who truly want to make a difference in your life.

Tune into your MoodZones™

Harmony Channel's programming is collected into seven MoodZones based on how the music makes you feel, embracing a wide range of global music genres. Feeling romantic? Need something energizing? From deep relaxation to party time, choose your mood and energize your body, mind and spirit!

Where is Harmony Channel Available?

Harmony Channel is now available on Comcast’s On Demand digital cable service! Look for us in the MUSIC category.

Harmony Channel will be delivering mood-elevating programming worldwide -- from mobile video to high-definition television to fulldome video (coming soon to your local planetarium) and beyond. Help us improve the mood of the world! Just let your cable provider know you want to soothe your soul with Harmony Channel. Then let your favorite spa or café, hotel and boutique know you’d like Harmony there, too! You are also invited to visit our MoodZones Store to purchase the work of our artists and support the network while adding a little bliss to your home today!


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